Karen Baker

CEO, ShipperHQ

Exceeding Customer Expectations: How to Compete Against Amazon Shipping

Bio: Karen Baker is the CEO and founder of ShipperHQ, the leading platform for storefront shipping rate management. Karen has the first hand experience of dealing with many thousands of retailers shipping struggles since 2008, with over 20 years business experience in technology.


Gary Benerofe

CEO, MediaSpa

Maverick Commerce

Bio: After spending time as a technology-focused investment banker and a digital strategist for EMI Music Marketing, Gary joined mediaspa in 2012. Today, Gary leads mediaspa’s strategy and UX practices while overseeing day-to-day operations. His favorite part of the job is digging into the businesses of mediaspa’s clients, and finding ways to help them accelerate their growth. He received his BA in Economics from Yale University and his MBA in Digital Media/Finance from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Max Chadwick

Tech Lead, Something Digital

Redis Tips For Magento Developers

Bio: Max is the Technical Lead for Something Digital’s Strategic Engagement Group where he oversees a team of Magento developers and the solutions that are delivered to clients. He actively blogs about Magento, contributes to and maintains open source projects, and has spoken at several Magento events. Through his effort in these areas he was recognized as one of the top 50 Magento contributors in 2017.


David Deppner

President, Psyberware

Paid Is The New Organic: How Google Is Monetizing Search

Bio: David is the President of Psyberware, specializing in advanced PPC advertising for Magento merchants. He holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Business Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). David brings over 20 years of experience managing internet businesses, including 9 years as the head of IT and Ecommerce for a mid-sized Magento merchant.

Deryck Harlick

Magento Trainer and Consultant, MageTraining

Magento Certified Solutions Specialist, Future Clients Marketing and Training Ltd

Bio: Deryck is a Magento 1 & 2 Certified Solutions Specialist (MCSS) specialising in delivering Magento end-user and agency training. Deryck also provides consultation and advice for merchants who require help specifying, managing, and improving operational efficiencies on their Magento ecommerce stores.


TJ Gamble

CEO, Jamersan

Things You are Not Doing On Your Magento Site That Are Costing You Money

Bio: Top 50 Magento Contributor, eCommerce Thought Provider, CEO of Jamersan, Certified+ Magento Developer


Stephan Hochdörfer

Head of Tech, bitExpert AG

Magento from dev to prod with GitLab CI How to Build and Maintain your Continuous Delivery Pipeline using Tools like GitLab CI

Bio: Stephan Hochdörfer currently holds the position of Head of Technology at bitExpert AG, a company specializing in software and mobile development. His primary focus is everything related to web development as well as automation techniques ranging from code generation to deployment automation.

Ania Karoń

Senior Frontend Developer, Snowdog

Inclusion matters. How to benefit from digital accessibility in e-commerce.

Bio: Ania is a frontend developer with a marketing background and 3 years of experience with Magento. Currently a member of Snowdog’s team, she focuses on coding, innovative technologies, finding non-standard solutions and facing new challenges. Ania enjoys exploring the web accessibility as a key to remove barriers and get the human aspect of the digital frontend world.
Her Other interests include modern theatre, compelling literature, travel, hiking and exploring the world in an active way – mainly by meeting people.


Brian Lange

Director of Business Development, Something Digital

One Amazon: Take Advantage of Every Opportunity on Amazon

Amazon estimated to represent 44% of all transactions on the web. About 50% of those transactions are from what Amazon calls “3rd party sellers”. If you don’t have a strategy for working with Amazon, you’re missing out on an addressable 22% of all web transactions. Amazon is a fairly siloed organization so sometimes building this strategy and taking advantage of what they have to offer can be overwhelming or difficult to navigate. This session will provide a look into the comprehensive opportunity that Amazon provides for merchants.


Ian Leslie

CMO, Industry West

Want to hang with the big boys? Don’t be afraid to pivot

Bio: Ian is the chief marketing officer of Industry West, a pure play ecommerce furniture company based out of Florida. With more than 10 years of experience in integrated marketing communications, he has built highly effective campaigns within both the retail and higher education verticals, including work for the US Navy. Ian’s focus is on creating data-driven campaigns across multiple channels that empower people to evangelize on a brand’s behalf, while allowing the brand to measure campaign effectiveness on a cost-per-acquisition basis.


Igor Melnykov

Software Engineer, Architect, Magento

PageBuilder Extensibility

Bio: “Long time software engineer / 9 years of PHP and MySQL experience.
Originally from Ukraine. Igor started working with Magento 1 at 2009. Igor is Zend Certified PHP Engineer and Magento Certified Developer Plus. At 2015 Igor joined Magento. In a free time, Igor likes to do road trips.”


Mark Murrell

CEO, Black Point Seafood

DUH – Discover, Use, Habit. The path to recruiting customers and converting them to addicts.

Bio: Recognized as a leader in the field of Search Engine Marketing, combined with his unique approach and enthusiasm for his work, Mark is often sought after to consult other industries interested in expanding to or increasing visibility on the Internet. His expertise in leveraging the Internet to capture qualified prospects led to the development of unique marketing products and tools that automate sales efforts. Among his many clients are Morton Salt, Motorola, Dominos, Breck Shampoo, and Ovaltine.

A native to Maine, Mark moved to Chicago in 2005 to launch Mark Interactive.

Brent Peterson

Brent Peterson

Magento expert, Wagento Creative

Magento Is Easy

Bio: Brent has progressed through the ranks html, ASP, .net, MSSQL and finally Magento. Open source has taught him that working together is better than working in a silo. He loves to run, bike, ski and sometimes swim, in that order. He is often found at Magento events organizing running meetups with his wife Susan.


Jisse Reitsma

Developer, Yireo

Best coding practices, recommended by ExtDN

Bio: I’m a developer, trainer and enterpreneur in one. As founder of Yireo (based in The Netherlands), I have developed many Magento 1 and 2 extensions and am helping developers in the US and Europe with backend and frontend development trainings. Also, in Europe, I organized 2 technical conferences – Reacticon and MageTestFest – plus organized many local usergroup meetings and hackathons. For all of that, I’ve been awarded twice the Magento Mastership. Currently, I’m also involved in PWA efforts and ExtDN, which is trying to increase extension quality across the ecosyste

Vikrant Shukla

VP Ecommerce, Netsmartz

Case Study Of An Electronics Giant

Vikrant is a Magento® Certified Solution Specialist with 10+ years of experience in Magento, LAMP, Ecommerce and Agile Project Management. Vikrant helped a Fortune 100 company set up their brand store in India. He started his own Magento Agency, Envision Ecommerce, which was quickly acquired by a US-based agency. Vikrant is both an eCommerce enthusiast and Magento evangelist and loves to speak about Magento. Outside of technology, he loves to spend time with his pets and family.


Antonija Tadic

Project Manager, Inchoo

What skills you should build to successfully manage Magento projects

Bio: Antonija first started as Sales Assistant. Taking a lot of responsibilities on her own, she soon progressed to Sales Manager position. Around her second Inchoo anniversary, Antonija took upon a new role of Project Manager, a role she is very passionate about. She swims like fish in the water while planning, tracking and managing projects, whilst taking care of our clients. The PM position is natural to her, as she is the type of person who is making sure that communication is transparent, so both our clients and developers are always well informed in the next steps we are taking on the projects.


Stefan Willkommer

CEO, TechDivision GmbH

Best coding practices, recommended by ExtDN

Bio: Stefan is Founder and CEO of TechDivision GmbH a provider for Digital Commerce , Omnichannel and agilisation. He has more than 15 years of experience in this area. Beyond he is an outspoken evangelist for open source and supports a serios number of national and international brands on their eCommerce and Omnichannel activities. Besides he is a gladly seen speaker at international conferences for digitization in commerce and company transformation in the new work environment.

Ignacio Riesco Martin

CEO, Interactiv4

Case Study Of An Electronics Giant

CEO and founding partner of Interactiv4, Magento Enterprise Solution Partner since 2010 and recently Awarded at Imagine 2018. Ignacio is Computer Engineer, and since 1990 he was involved in the study and development trends of Internet use and mobile. Ignacio is a very active member of the Magento Community since 2010. He is responsible for organizing many Magento events such as MMES, MMNY, Madrid Magento MeetUp, Contribution Weekend Madrid.


Beth Shero

COO, Shero Commerce

Bio: Beth is the COO and co-founder of Shero Commerce. Beth has a background in graphic design, UX/UI and has been working with eCommerce and web application development for 10 years. Her specialty is helping clients find the best eCommerce solutions to maximize their sales, and helping the Shero team achieve their goals. Beth is a Magento Solutions Specialist, that can assemble any eCommerce project from start to finish, addressing everything in between.


Gentian Shero

CEO, Shero Commerce

Best coding practices, recommended by ExtDN

Bio: Gentian is the CEO and co-founder of Shero Commerce. Gentian is a visionary, driver, and entrepreneur. At Shero, Gentian assembles the teams and manages the direction of the company. He specializes in technical SEO, Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics, Paid Search, and acquisition channel optimization. Gentian ensures that all aspects of a project’s SEO needs are met. His favorite work is handling SEO migration elements to new platforms.