Presentations for 2019

Below are the currently accepted presentations for Meet Magento New York City 2019.

Note - all information is subject to change.

A Merchant Growth Story - Going Online After Offline Success

Find out about the growth-story of a company with a focus on IT. Learn about starting an online store after having success in offline - not as predictable as you can imagine, yet not as difficult if you combine offline and online tools. Find out about software transformation for business management when growing from 1 to 11 offline stores (from using QuickBooks and local POS systems to all-in-magento solution). Find out why Magento is a regulation-friendly platform in comparison to other e-commerce management platforms. Learn how to protect your business from _corrupted_ regulations using the latest Magento solutions. Finally, discover how to understand the strength of your business and let Magento support it - so you can focus on internal workflow and offline sales.

By: Ryan Ehlers (Integrations Expert and IT Executive, Vaporsource) Artem Pugachev (Project Manager, Vaporsource)

Advanced PWA

Coming soon!

By: Demian Renzulli (Senior Mobile Solutions Engineer, Google)


Analyzers, Terms, and Their Significance: Using Elasticsearch to Analyze your Product Catalog

What are Analyzers in Elasticsearch and how are the breaking your fields down into terms. Should a field be analyzed or not analyzed. How does Mapping effect analysis. What is a reverse index. Conclusion: how does this all relate to your product data and how it is being searched against.

By: Wesley Guthrie (Director of Technology, Creatuity)

Beer + Networking

Better Storytelling through Data Visualization

Data is powerful. Yet, without the proper framing, insights are often lost in the noise. In this session, you'll learn best practices for creating an engaging narrative for your data and tips for choosing the right visualizations.

By: Tina Moore (Senior User Experience Designer, Adobe)

Breakfast and Registration

Breakfast and Registration - Day 2

Building an Omnichannel Search to delight users

Examine why building a multi-channel discovery experience distinguishes your storefront in a competitive e-commerce landscape. In e-commerce competition, there are two verticals in which to compete: price and experience. When Amazon dominates in price merchants are left with one way to drive user engagement - experience. Discover how to deliver a versatile yet easy to implement Search and Discovery experience to delight users.

By: Corey Ching (Export Services and Partner Engineer, Algolia)

Coffee/Tea and Networking Break

Coffee/Tea and Networking Break II

Coffee/Tea and Networking Break III

Customer Engagement: What is it and why you should take notice

Data is at the center of everything for us…it's the magic layer. We have so much these days for the likes of AI, automation, personalization and segmentation, but how do we group these data sets into actionable insights to better understand our consumers? The key to driving engagement, and consequently increasing conversions, is combining effective buyer profiles with purchase behavior such as the recency, frequency and total monetary value of transactions. Join Tink Taylor, founder and chairman of dotdigital, as he guides you to through the methods and tactics that are sure to bolster up your commerce strategy.

By: Tink Taylor (Founder and Chairman, Dotdigital)

Data privacy and AI in eCommerce

This presentation will look at the current state of AI, as well as the kinds of threats to data privacy. It will provide examples of what can be achieved with AI on Magento, including thoughts on Adobe Sensei and Adobe Commerce Cloud. The goal is to show both sides of the coin, raise the awareness of the possible threats and importance of data protection and how customers react to the use of AI - but at the same time describe the great opportunities Sensei is adding to the table.

By: Victoria Yashchuk (Project Manager, Atwix)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PWAs -- But Were Afraid to Ask.

Dive into the questions you have been wanting to ask about PWAs. Hear war stories from the frontlines of ever-evolving tech and get answers to burning questions like are PWAs better for SEO, if companies really expect consumers to put an icon on the home screen and more. Come with questions and be prepared to learn the ins and outs of PWAs!

By: Duke Marr ( SVP of Digital Strategy, Corra) Catherine McLean (Executive Creative Director, Corra)

Generational Commerce: The Pinnacle of Clienteling

How well do you know your customers? How well do they know you? How deep is your relationship? How are you growing customer lifetime value? Come to this session to hear the truth about what it takes to build a customer relationship that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

By: Brian Lange (Director of Business Development, Something Digital)

Hackathon Recap

How Magento extensions will fit into PWA

PWA providers like Vue StoreFront and DEITY are gaining ground quickly, while PWA Studio is becoming stable quickly as well. This raises the question how Magento extension fit into these PWA solutions. This developer talk covers things like GraphQL APIs with a hint towards UPWARDS specifications, sample code in React and Vue and a general technical vision on how PWA pushes the Magento ecosystem into a microservices-based future.

By: Jisse Reitsma (Extension developer and trainer, Yireo)

How to Block 100,000 Hack Attempts in 12 Days and Other Lessons Learned from MageReport

Over the last four years of MageReport development many different kinds of security hacks and issues have developed. For instance last year the whole Magento community was startled when it came to light that about 20 commonly used modules contained a vulnerability. During that time hosting provider Hypernode blocked nearly 100,000 hack attempts in just 12 days. MageReport's lead developer Rick will share his insights, show you what you can do to notice security issues earlier and give you tips and tricks to keep your Magento shop safe.

By: Rick van de Loo (Tech Lead, Hypernode)

How to Deliver eCommerce Phone Support With Magento

In the US, 40% of revenue comes from returning or repeat purchasers, who represent only 8% of all visitors [source: Adobe Digital Index]. Learn the best-practices on how to expand your eCommerce customer service to offer exceptional phone support with strategies that integrate natively with Magento to be more profitable.

By: Raphael Assaraf (Product Partnerships, Aircall)

How to grow from one site to worldwide eCommerce

This talk will explore the history of the Senetic project - a client who began with a dedicated platform and after some time realized that opening new markets was not efficient. Divante's solution allows is based on Magento 2 with Akeneo and AX, and allows the client to to quickly and effectively develop new markets - at this point at a rate of three new shops per month.

By: Margaret Walankiewicz (Magento Tribe Master | Senior Project Manager, Divante)

How to import 1 million SKUs under 10 minutes

Building integrations between various systems was always one of the most complex tasks for a Magento developer. Choosing the right approach is always tricky and depends on a lot of variables. In this talk, you will learn the tips and tricks used to import customer data of 1 million SKUs with 10 store views, 50 attributes, and 3000 attribute options. under 10 minutes.

By: Ivan Chepurnyi (Independent Consultant / Performance Expert)

How to optimize modern JavaScript applications and make them load instantly

Optimization techniques every developer aspiring to write performant applications should know. See how to solve typical performance issues while introducing proper usage of lazy loading, preloading, webpack optimization and browser caching. I will shorty review optimization techniques available for modern web frameworks like React or Vue and show tools that could identify performance issues and suggest proper way of solving them. At the end you will see how to deliver enjoyable waiting experience as a part of performance optimization process.

By: Filip Rakowski (Co-founder of Vue Storefront)

Integrate Magento Order Management the Right Way

Famous brands often have many different sales channels and a lot of retailers. The first step to Ecommerce is therefore quite complicated and comes along with unknown problems. Inventory management, order splitting, order workflow management, returns as well as the integration of payment service providers are only a few of the many challenging problems when you want to deliver a consistent shopping experience to the customer. Still you need to be sure that you build a scalable system that also has a great performance to boost sales. The talk will show how we built a marketplace for a very well known German fashion brand with integration of all its retailers with the help of Magento and Magento Order Management. We will discuss the known problems, system landscapes as well as technical solutions and dive deep into Magento Order Management.

By: Florian Sydekum (Software Architect, TechDivision)

Keynote, Day 1

Learning from eCommerce in Asia

Asia adopted ecommerce not too long ago, but lots of innovation is accelerating faster in Asia than in the US. In addition, we start to see these same trends in the US market only later. Mainly driven by younger customers and people is more willing to try new things, from digital wallet, mobile first commerce to innovative logistics, opens up a lot of interesting new ecommerce culture in Asia. This talk will compare and contrast these two markets and how the two cultures converge. Learn how younger Asian buyers behave, how to prepare and convert from buyers who are predominantly mobile and how shopping is no longer just shopping.

By: Muliadi Jeo (Director, ICUBE)

Lies, Damned Lies, and Digital Advertising

Whether you run your digital advertising in-house or hire an agency, every merchant faces challenges with PPC. It seems that ad platforms are always changing the game... introducing new technology, throwing out new buzz words, and pushing new metrics. In this session, we’ll unpack some of these issues and uncover some of the brutal truths of the ad industry. We’ll discuss some common mistakes merchants are encouraged to make under the guise of "best practices", as well as some of the industry trends that can affect your advertising strategy. By the end of the session, you'll have some actionable takeaways to provide an immediate boost to your business.

By: David Deppner (CEO/Founder, Psyberware) Megan Deppner (COO, Psyberware)

Lunch - Day 1

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Magento as the Next Gen Platform

Magento is still often considered just another eCommerce platform in common competition with platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Yet, when properly optimized, the Magento platform can be a powerful hub for powering tomorrow's solutions in PWA, headless eCommerce and distributed marketing. In recent years, many have worked to position Magento as just another sales channel. Yet, with the upcoming improvements in GraphQL and the existing, robust API, Magento needs to be leveraged for its sophistication to even loftier opportunities.

By: Bret Williams (CEO, novusweb)

Magento Microservice Architecture

Learn how to use microservices to handle complex calculations and real-time data synchronization without applying any additional burden to the Magento application.

By: Dan Goodfriend (CTO, mediaspa)

Magento's Data-driven Future

The presentation introduces the Magento (Adobe) Data Solutions organization and purpose, and the Adobe Research and Adobe Sensei orgs we are closely partnered with. We then take a business-friendly tour through the world of Artificial Intelligence, demystifying it, and diving into particular areas where Adobe is focusing research. For each of these areas, we discuss current and potential applicability to commerce. We then introduce our upcoming product feature set, Magento Product Recommendations, walking through the functionality and underlying architecture.

By: Jonathan Roeder (Principal Scientist, Adobe) Ryan Rozich (Director of Product Management for Magento Data Solutions, Adobe)

Meal Break

MFTF in action

The Magento Testing Framework is a good tool for automated testing. Since it was presented we have realized it's advantages and started to implement it. Learn why is MFTF is useful for everybody who tests Magento based sites and how to make it even more easy to implement and scale.

By: Valeria Shevtsova (Head of QA Department, Amasty)

More Coding!

Official Welcome

Opening and Welcome

Paypal Presentation

Personal Break

Protecting your customers from MageCart attacks

The fight goes on to protect our stores from malicious attackers. But what if your store has been compromised for the last month sending every customer's credit card details to China and you didn't even know it? Not all breaches advertise themselves. MageCart is a common attack that can silently be sending credit card information to a third party server during the checkout. What can we do to protect ourselves as well as be alerted if our sites been compromised?

By: Tom Robertshaw (Ecommerce Evangelist, Space 48)

PWA Panel

Coming soon!

By: Eric Erway (Sr. Manager, Product Management, Adobe) Sander Mangel (CTO, Vue Storefront) Demian Renzulli (Senior Mobile Solutions Engineer, Google)

PWA Talks

Re-platforming off Magento 1: Understanding the Challenges and Best Practices to Avoid them

June 2020 – for many, it’s date that’s already burned into memory. Magento 1 will end of life, and if you’re not already planning your re-platform, it’s time to start. This session will provide you with the ultimate user guide on how to get started, where to focus your efforts to ensure a smooth transition, and how to guarantee your shiny new Magento storefront is delivering a best-in-class user experience for your customers.

By: Jay Smith (CTO, Webscale)

Reinventing same day delivery with Magento

This talk will cover innovations in Magento and e-commerce including:
Dropshipping: Selling fresh seafood through partners such as,, Goldbelly and Gordon Food Service. Learn about automation of product information, pricing, order fulfillment, and custom labeling by partner.
Expedited logistics: B2B customers across the US can place a a custom fresh seafood order (filleted, portions, scaled etc) by 1am ET and it will be delivered same day via a network of flights and local couriers.
What's next: Future planned innovations to continue to capture market share.

By: Lincoln White (CIO, Fulton Fish Market)

Setting Yourself Up For Success with Page Builder

Page Builder is a powerful tool that gives marketers creative control over their site content. With a bit of planning and upfront investment you can unlock its full potential. Learn how to implement Page Builder so that it matches your store theme and brand style guidelines, enabling your business teams to create engaging shopping experiences that have consistent quality and unified design across the site.

By: Olena Tkacheva (Product Manager, Adobe)

Smart replenishment with MSI and Magento B2B

The B2B ordering process at Högl is subject to a number of special features. It was necessary to replace an old legacy software for B2B sales with Magento. However, it was important that the platform was flexible enough to map the B2C business internationally in a further step. In addition, a digital touchpoint is to be developed as a PWA on the platform, which will be used in the company's 100 brick and mortar stores and pop-up stores. In order to meet the complex B2B requirements, Magento 2.3 with the Multi Source Inventory was already used. This was extended by some B2B specific features. Among other things, a so-called matrix order was added. This enables a retailer on the product detail page to quickly and easily add the products he needs to the shopping cart by clicking on a two-dimensional mask. One of the main features of Högl for your dealers is the possibility to determine the products delivery or production dates in the future to order. This has the advantage for the dealer that he does not have to store the products over a longer period of time. Högl provides different product cycles in the future with corresponding quantities from the ERP system. To map this, MSI was used and extended. In addition, the customer has the option of having his articles sent to different addresses at SKU and delivery date level. Especially for affiliated chain stores, this is a great added value for the central loading of several shop locations.

By: Stefan Willkommer (CEO, TechDivision GmbH)

So you need a Magento 1 alternative?

Explore the pros and cons of the most popular choices for merchants looking to move off of Magento 1. This will include a comparison of M1 to M2, Shopify, BigCommerce, Sylius, Shopware, WooCommerce, and headless options (Drupal+Magento, etc.).

By: Josh Ward (VP Sales, Nexcess)

Strategic Migration to M2: How to Run an RFP Process

This presentation will start with a high level overview of the Magento space and the M2 timeline, with an explanation of what that means for the merchants in the room. PHP 5.6/7.0 EOL, Magento 1.9/1.14 EOL, and Magento Cloud will be discussed as well how system integrators are reacting to the shift. There will be a walkthrough of how NOT to build an RFP or approach migration - it's not right click, save as M2! Learn how to evaluate your business, calculate ROI on the migration, and how to get the right group of internal stakeholders together. See examples of how to build a "good" goal-oriented RFP and And delve into the internal build vs buy decisions. Step through how to select potential partners, how to manage the RFP process, how to select a winner, and finally, how to manage the project with realistic goals and timelines.

By: Aaron Sheehan (Director of Commerce, Weidenhammer)

The changing face of checkout and how next gen shoppers are driving payment innovations

Buyer behavior has changed: Digitally-driven consumers expect digitally-driven experiences. We are witnessing an emerging generation that has never known a world without cell phones. The next-gen shopper expects to walk into an experience, not a store. Retailtainment: Where retail and entertainment collide; consumers expect a more engaging and personalized experience than ever before. The past few years have seen a shift in user expectations. The Consumer is now in control. Experience is the new loyalty. Retailers are adapting and evolving with new payment and checkout technologies - widening their appeal, attracting new customers, and establishing brand loyalty. Retailers are streamlining the online checkout experience and adopting new payment technologies enthusiastically due to evolving consumers' desire for increased flexibility and financial control. Leveraging technology to win over consumers - it's clear that retailers must better understand their customers' needs in order to build a seamless commerce experience; not only to drive sales and loyalty, but differentiate from competitors in the current retail climate.

By: Nina Mohanty ( Commercial Manager, Klarna)

The Ultimate Guide to Caching in Magento 2

Caching and indexing are so integral to successfully developing with and maintaining a Magento 2 store, yet so many developers and merchants have limited experience of their purpose, what items are cached / indexed and why. This talk will highlight the issues with needlessly flushing the cache or reindexing when developing as well as best practice and the impact of properly managing caches and indexes in production environments to performance. It will provide a in depth, overview of how Magento 2 cache works and how to utilize it as a developer to stop wasting time and focus on writing code e.g. which cache(s) to clean (if any) based on the development changes you’re making.

By: John Hughes (Head of Magento, Fisheye Media Ltd.)

The Ultimate Guide to Indexing in Magento 2

We've all been there, and some of us still are: code, flush cache, check changes, repeat… or if that didn’t work why not reindex too for good measure! The same can unfortunately be true in production environments - indexes not configured correctly and cache flushed aimlessly in the admin panel without realizing the impact it has on store performance.

Caching and indexing are so integral to successfully developing and maintaining a Magento 2 store, yet so many developers and merchants have limited experience of their purpose, what items are cached / indexed and why.

This talk will highlight the issues with needlessly flushing the cache or reindexing when developing as well as best practices and the impact of properly managing caches and indexes in production environments to performance. It will provide an in depth, overview of how Magento 2 cache works and how to utilize it as a developer to stop wasting time and focus on writing. It will also cover an overview of indexing in Magento, including why "update on save" is bad and how it impacts cache - as well as a live demo including a deep dive into how "update on save" works via MySQL triggers and how it impacts your Magento store.

Knowing which caches and indexes there are and how they impact Magento also provides developers with a clearer understanding and enables quicker debugging of issues as well as being able to better educate / train their merchants on cache / index management too.

By: John Hughes (Head of Magento, Fisheye Media Ltd.)

Through a Payments Lens

By: Joy Martin (Director, Strategic Technology Partnerships, Cybersource) Brian Ng (Senior Alliances Sales Engineer, Visa)

Two Factor Authentication and Yu(biKeys)

Starting with an introduction of what data we would like to protect, why to protect it, and what Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can do to help protect important data. This talk will cover the common concept of the threat model and CIA and will use some figures showing what clients had to pay in fines for having a breach as well as some Magento specific stats on attacks and. It will cover common methods of 2FA and which ones are appropriate - then learn how tp use the new 2FA in processes and of course the Magento 2 backend.

By: Len Lorijn (Developer, MediaCT)

VS Training + Let the Code begin!

What Agencies Want From Extension Providers: The Complete Guide

Extension quality is a hot topic in the Magento ecosystem. There have been both official efforts (Extension Quality Program) as well as community lead efforts (ExtDN) aimed at raising the quality bar. This talk lays out a series of requirements for extension providers based on years of experience deploying extensions to production on both small and large Magento projects. If you're on the agency or merchant end join to learn how to evaluate an extension provider yourself. If you're on the extension provider end join to understand how you'll be evaluated by agencies and merchants.

By: Max Chadwick (Technical Lead, Something Digital)

What's New With Sales Tax

During this session see how the Vertex sales and use tax automation solution directly integrates with Magento allowing for easy automation of your sales and use tax processes. Additionally, you will learn about the recent state sales tax changes to ensure your company is compliant. We will review the unique advantages of the Vertex/Magento connector, including how it: - Automatically performs instant and accurate sales tax calculations for shopping cart items - Validates addresses to help ensure more accurate taxation and shipping processes - Maintains exemption certificates - Processes coupon codes and discounts - Provides access to centralized sales tax data

By: Mark Sieczkowski (Cloud Product Suite Owner, Vertex)