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Mark Murrell

DUH – Discover, Use, Habit. The path to recruiting customers and converting them into addicts.

The presentation will begin with how people discover new music…there are dozens of different ways we discover music; commercials, lobbies, films, friends, apps, etc. From there, what are all the different ways that newly discovered music will get USED? What aspect of their life? Physical, spiritual, etc. Accordingly, what platform? Car, phone, Alexa, etc. Finally, we will dig into how music can be engineered to become addictive. What are those key ingredients?

Barbara Close

Quick List of 97 Projects You Have To Do Before Launch

This will be a presentation highlighting a “Top 97 Things To Do” list in order to transition to a Magento E-commerce site. It will be a practical case study, based on recent experience, and serve to provide the beginnings of a checklist for companies starting down the e-commerce path. It will be focused on what we did as an established, technical product-based, B2B company.

Ian Leslie

Want to hang with the big boys? Don’t be afraid to pivot

The presentation will discuss the history of Industry West and its growth (web revenue grew by 50% in July 2018 compared with July 2017) and how so much of that growth is based on continuing to iterate on UX, add new SAAS and not be afraid to make quick changes, whether it’s with your SI or an ESP.

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