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Day 1
MMNYC 2018 Speakers & Topics
MMNYC 2018 Speakers & Topics
PageBuilder Extensibility

This presentation provides an overview of the PageBuilder architecture: big picture, configuration, main entities, different types of converters, etc. We will also focus on how third party developers can use PageBuilder to bring merchants the experience they want: customizing PageBuilder by adding new content types and customizing existing content types by extending them and using appearances. We will also cover:

– Data migration from BlueFoot to PageBuilder.

– Extending PageBuilder best practices.

– Sample extensions developers can refer to when building their extensions

– Magento plans on Page Builder and PWA.

Igor Melnikov
Software Engineer, Magento Commerce
Things You are Not Doing On Your Magento Site That Are Costing You Money

Merchants often focus on the design, and once the site is built, skip the details that takes their site to the next level.

TJ Gamble
Founder, Jamersan
Magento: From Dev To Prod with GitLab CI

Continuous Delivery Pipeline as code is the key to helping you ensure long-term maintainability. Treating your pipeline as code helps you to version it in your SCM of choice, make changes easily traceable, and lets anyone on your team make required changes. In this session Stephan will show you how his team builds and maintains a Continuous Delivery pipeline using tools like GitLab CI, Docker, Nexus and Traefik; taking a deep dive into the GitLab CI Build Pipelines to build and deploy docker containers to dev, stage and production environments.

Stephan Hochdörfer
Head of Technology, bitExpert AG
Redis Tips For Magento Developers

Redis is generally considered the best-in-class backend for cache and sessions storage in Magento. As such, it’s worth your time as a developer to learn about it. This talk starts with the basics, and progresses through intermediate and “expert level” tips gained from years working with Redis across dozens of Magento 1 and Magento 2 production deployments.

Max Chadwick
Senior Developer, Something Digital
The Road of Migration

Migrating from Magento 1 to 2 is a great opportunity to provide a better user experience, renew your eCommerce platform and make it ready for the future. Of course it can also become a challenge – especially for bigger and comprehensive projects. A good migration strategy, planning and, of course, the right project management approaches are obligatory. But once you set everything up correctly, M2 gives merchants completely new possibilities and also helps to speed up development.
The talk will discuss all that has to be considered within a migration project with the real life example of – one of the biggest fashion clients for Magento in Germany. Learn what can go wrong, how backstrokes can be handled and how these hurdles can be converted into opportunities.

Stefan Willkommer
CEO, bei TechDivision GmbH
Strategies To Achieve SMB eCommerce Marketing Excellence: A Blueprint for Mastering eCommerce Marketing

To support ongoing growth, every SMB retailer, merchant and entrepreneur needs to call upon the right marketing strategy at every stage of the business. However, marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, it’s imperative to call upon different strategies at different stages of the business. Pursuing the wrong marketing approach at the wrong time can seriously jeopardize expansion. On the other hand, capitalizing on the best approach at the most fitting time can pay off exponentially. Yet, with so many channels and tactics to consider, many SMB retailers and merchants struggle to know where to focus their resources and attention.
Recognizing this, Springbot partnered with FitForCommerce to better understand these challenges and the best approach at every stage of SMB eCommerce growth. Combining extensive research with firsthand perspectives from industry experts and consultants, Springbot developed a keen understanding of effective growth strategies. These insights led to the creation of a four-stage eCommerce marketing maturity model, as covered in our first eBook in this series (, as well as an interactive quiz ( designed to help you figure out where you are on the maturity path.

In this presentation, Springbot shares the strategies behind each stage in the maturity model, providing a step-by-step blueprint for marketers looking to systematically contribute to their company’s growth. Join our speaking session for details of the strategies behind progressively achieving higher levels of eCommerce marketing maturity.

Erika Jolly Brookes
Chief Marketing Officer, Springbot
Exceeding Customer Expectations: How to Compete Against Amazon Shipping

This discussion will cover how to compete with Amazon shipping. Learn the facts, figures and scenarios that will keep your eCommerce store competitive.

Karen Baker
CEO, ShipperHQ & WebShopApps
Best Coding Practices As Recommended By ExtDN

Various professional Magento extension developers are collaborating to form ExtDN, as a means to increase code quality in Magento extensions. This has led to various new initiatives like improved PHP CodeSniffer rules, PWA component standardization, extension interoperability and much more. From there, we created a list of best practices. While the feedback on these best practices was good, it was often misunderstood. This talk is a summary of the more difficult choices regarding best practices so that our experiences are shared, like composer versioning, PHP 7 type hinting, new Magento features like ViewModels and much more.

Jisse Reitsma
Developer, Trainer and Speaker on Magento 2
One Amazon: Take Advantage of Every Opportunity on Amazon

Amazon is estimated to represent 44% of all transactions on the web. About 50% of those transactions are from what Amazon calls “3rd party sellers”. If you don’t have a strategy for working with Amazon, you’re missing out on an addressable 22% of all web transactions. Amazon is a fairly siloed organization, so sometimes building this strategy, and taking advantage of what they have to offer, can be overwhelming or difficult to navigate. This session will provide a look into the comprehensive opportunity that Amazon provides for merchants.

Brian Lange
Director of Business Development, Something Digital; Co-host, FutureCommerce
Live Coding – Advanced SQL Reporting

Get the most out of your data by making MySQL do the heavy lifting. This live coding exercise will demonstrate crosstab queries to transform row data into columns and building materialized views to flatten the customer eav model. The methods used can be employed across a large variety of transnational data to simplify reporting tasks.

– Benefits of using SQL over programatic reports
– Building a crosstab query view to flatten the customer eav model demonstration
– Optimizing reporting by simulating a materializing view
– Making a materialized view fast refresh
– Crosstabing a crosstab for sales data by data and region

Martin Pachol
Chief Technology Officer, MageMojo
Want To Hang With The Big Boys? Don’t Be Afraid To Pivot

The presentation will discuss the history of Industry West and its growth (web revenue grew by 50% in July 2018 compared with July 2017) and how so much of that growth is based on continuing to iterate on UX, add new SAAS and not be afraid to make quick changes, whether it’s with your SI or an ESP.
It’s cliche, but if you want to succeed you can’t be scared to take chances.

Industry West continues to see monthly YOY revenue growth on the eCommerce side in excess of 35%. July 2018’s growth was 50%.
It took us working with 3 SIs to find a fourth we finally liked. So that’s 4 SIs since 2015. That may sound scary but if we hadn’t been willing to make quick changes we wouldn’t have seen the growth we’re seeing.

In the past 18 months we’ve:
* Gone from Magento Open Source to Commerce Cloud;
* Changed SIs;
* Completed more than 100 trello tickets with our current SI;
* Have onboarded a new ESP, new tax calculating SAAS, new shipping calculation SAAS, new personalization SAAS and new search personalization SAAS

All of this has led to documentable increases in traffic, calls, leads, and most importantly sales.

This presentation will discuss the why behind why we made these moves and then how we went about doing all of this without going insane!

Ian Leslie
Chief Marketing Officer, Industry West
How to Win During This Retail Renaissance Era

Over the past couple of decades, retailers tried to include every aspect of digital commerce in their core competencies and recover costs by demanding rigid compliance from their vendors. In this, and future decades’, successful retailers and brands will win by focusing on their core competencies and partnering up with experts for the rest.\n\nUse case studies from customers such as Sears, Rite Aid, Kroger, Fossil, and Zebit to show how to win by focusing on your core competencies.

Over the past couple of decades, retailers have tried to include every aspect of digital commerce in their core competencies, and recover costs by demanding rigid compliance from their vendors. In both the current and future decades, successful retailers and brands will win by focusing on their core competencies and partnering up with experts for the rest.

Use case studies from customers such as Sears, Rite Aid, Kroger, Fossil, and Zebit to show how to win by focusing on your core competencies.

Peyman Zamani
Chief Executive Officer, Logicbroker
DUH – Discovery, Use, Habit. The path to recruiting customers and converting them to addicts.

The presentation will begin with how people discover new music…there are dozens of different ways we discover music; commercials, lobbies, films, friends, apps, etc. From their, what are all the different ways that newly discover music will get USED? What aspect of their life? Physical, spiritual, etc. Accordingly, what platform? Car, phone, Alexa, etc. Finally, we will dig into how music can be engineered to become addictive. What are those key ingredients?

Then, we will lead into how this process can be applied in your recruitment of future addicts. Empathy is sprinkled throughout the presentation.

Mark Murrell
Chief Executive Officer, Black Point Seafood
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